James Birtwhistle


Gig Photography


About Me

I am James. I go to gigs and I take photos.

Occasionally I will take photos of things other than than music gigs, but this is my primary photographic interest.

I take photos for my own enjoyment. Occasionally a band or online publication may ask to use them.

I primarily take photos in small, badly lit venues. I enjoy these gigs more. However it provides more of a challenge to get the photos.

I am based in Nottingham, but travel all over the country for gigs.

I also paint and draw, and put on gigs in my spare time. Professionally, I work as a webdeveloper.

Contact me

Please contact me if you would like to use any of my images (I will almost certainly say yes), if you think I should be taking photos of your band/events, or if you just fancy a chat...